What does it mean to ‘PlantRight’?

‘PlantRight’ means ensuring stunning landscapes after investing time and money. Our program, designed for landscapers, teaches proper planting techniques for trees, shrubs, and perennials. Created by horticulture experts, including 30-year arborist Rick “Professor PlantRight” Spurgeon.

PlantRight Guarantee Benefits

Satisfied customers, fewer callbacks

More referrals

Efficient crews, no redo jobs

Improved plant aesthetics


Tree Nursery Essentials

As a trusted supplier to the nursery industry, we understand the importance of high-quality planting and growing products. Our selection includes tree rubbers, Bio-Life 800+, and other essentials that help nurseries cultivate healthy, vibrant plants.

Tree Rubbers

Our durable tree rubbers provide essential protection and support for young trees, ensuring straighter, stronger growth and healthier landscapes.

Fabric Bags

Nurture healthy and thriving trees with PlantRight Fabric Bags – the preferred choice of industry-leading tree growers.


Maximize plant growth with Bio-Life 800+. Our concentrated solution harnesses 800+ beneficial microorganisms, including local bacteria and fungi, for robust, nutrient-rich soil.


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